HOLIDAY SALE! Pro Bags Mix & Match

HOLIDAY SALE! Pro Bags Mix & Match

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Order by Dec. 1st to receive by Christmas. *Delivery date subject to change due to the pandemic. 

Mix & Match any PRO bag for the same price! 4 of one Pro bag and 4 of another! Steve and Jenn Vanderver designed and tested all seven Pro bags!

Descriptions of each bag: 

PRO V-Series I - This Duel Sided bag will quickly become your go to bag. With one side a tightly woven carpet material which gives a very nice consistent slide. While the other side a suede material like you have never seen. When you think suede, you think of sticky. Not even close in this case. This suede adds slide and control all in one. Truly one of the most comfortable bags you will ever lay your hands on. 

PRO V-Series II - If you liked the MAGICV you will love this bag. With a light linen side very similar to the MAGICV bag. The comfort and feel and slide is unbeatable. This material just like it's predecessor will slow down in very humid conditions. But no worries here. Flip the bag to the improved carpet side for a consistent slide all the time. 

PRO V-Series III - Just like the Series II, these bags have a very consistent carpet material. This carpet material is very controllable but always slides. It is combined with a suede sticky side.Now you have the best of both worlds. Sticky when you want to play defense and a slide side that will never fail you when you need your bag to slide.

Board Burner - If you like your bags a little faster, the Board Burner Series is your bag. This Bag has always cruised in every condition it has been tested in so far. With two sides of tightly woven fabric, it feels great to the touch and loves the hole when it gets close. It will quickly earn the nickname "The Cheater Bag". But do not worry, everything about this bag is in spec. Just like all of US Cornholes' bag line-up.

Board Control - This pro bag is designed for the player that likes to pitch hard.  With a carpet material on one side and firm gripping suede on the other. You won't lose many bags off the board with this bag. And you have the option of playing defense if you choose. 

GameDay - This Pro bag was designed with the versatile player in mind. One side has a cross fiber material for a faster more consistent play. While the other side has the well know sticky suede side for that harder thrower. Once you get your hands on this bag you will quickly see the difference between it and it's counter parts that are out their on the market. This bag just like all the other US Cornhole bags. Have been designed from Pro players Steve and Jenn Vanderver's personal template that their bags are made from. It's Gameday!!!

The Natural - One of the most comfortable feeling pro bags on the market. Eight resin filled bags with high quality twill on one side and a polyester carpet material on the other. The bag is designed for those players that in between preferring a slick and fast bag and a slow sticky bag. Perfect for the natural stroke. 

Each cornhole bag measures 6″x 6″ and weigh 15 – 16oz which is US Cornhole regulation. 

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