PRO-V Series I

PRO-V Series I

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Please read product description in it's entirety for disclaimer.

The PRO-V 1 has quickly become not only one of US Cornholes top bags. But also a go to bag for a growing number of top players around the country. This duel sided bag with one side being a tightly woven carpet material thats slides in any condition on any board. Now the other side has a very unique suede material that is new to the market. This suede slides! The PRO-V 1 is now know as one of the most comfortable feeling bags on the market. And it's unwaivering consistency is second to none. The rare comfort and consistent combination does come with a caution sticker. 

 Because of the unique suede material that gives this bag it's great feel and consistent slide. We Strongly recommend that the user does not use this product on unfinished concrete or black asphalt. The 90 day warranty only covers these bags  when used on approved surfaces. (Grass, astroturf and finished concrete and finished boards. 

Each Cornhole bag measures 6″x 6″ and weigh 15 – 16oz which is US Cornhole regulation. 

US Cornhole, CCL and ACO Approved! 

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