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Over 13 Years of Experience

Our goal is to build top quality regulation equipment as well as to consistently deliver well organized, fun, social or competitive networking, team building events.


Five years ago, you created a beautiful cornhole set for our daughter's wedding. Our son is now getting married and has requested a set for his wedding also. We are super excited to have this tradition continue with our family weddings. Thank you very much! 

Patrice, Westchester, NY

Bags came yesterday. Very happy with the product overall and logo work. I will definitely pass your name along to others and use myself in the future.

Andrew, Thousand Oaks, CA

One last thank you for last night.  We are getting lots of compliments and thank you’s on the event.  You and your team did a great job keeping everyone moving.  You know I never expected we could finish on time but we did!

Carol, Federal Business Centers, Inc. Edison, NJ

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