Bad Ass Bag!

All good things must come to an end. And in this case good has been replaced by Great! The newly designed PRO-VII is just that. Inspired by the very first bag the wife and I proudly designed, "The MAGICV". This bag was so influential in it's time, that many top bag makers quickly began pushing out bags that were very similar. It's great feel and immediately playability helped change the bag industry and put it on the path that it is still on today. 

Both the PRO-VII and MAGICV were both great bags, but both did have have their limitations. That limitation was extreme humidity. Well not any more. This Bad Ass bag is not only great feeling and ready to play right out of the package, but, with this newly designed material it is ready for the high humidity of the dogs days of summer and it's dewy sticky nights. The New PRO-VII. One Bad Ass Bag!!!

PRO-VII video: