Pro Stick and Slick Bag

Have you ever heard the term, Basic Stick and Slick bag? This term gets used over and over again in and around the Cornhole world. I have to admit that on several occasions I have even fell victim to using this term myself. Then I remind myself that this double sided bag is The Original Pro Bag. The term basic bag goes back to when both sides of the Cornhole bags were made out of the same material.

So is The Original Stick and Slick Bag a bad bag? They are Absolutely not a bad bag. These durable bags with a slide side and a sticky side gives players the versatility to push pass other bags, drive bags up the board and of course use sticky side to play a little defense. The Pro Stick and Slick Bag is the perfect bag for beginners, backyard players and even newer players with that competitive side that would like to take there game to the next level.

You can have all of the playability of the first Pro Bag to hit the market without breaking the bank. The Original Pro Stick and Slick bag, by The Original US Cornhole.

Check out the video on our YouTube channel.