Supporting our Military

Many of us Americans take for granted the freedoms we all share. Having the freedoms such as: Freedom of Speech, the Freedom of Religion or to choose to succeed in life or to fail just to name a few. None of these freedoms came easy or without a heavy heavy cost. Many of our military have spent countless hours and holidays away from family. Not being there for the birth of a child or those first words or first steps. Or not being there to walk a son or daughter down the aisle. And many of our military have given the ultimate price of their life for the freedoms we share. To you the men and women of our military past and present, we say thank you for your service and giving us the right to live our life the way we choose.

This may be a very small token of our appreciation for your service. But we here at US Cornhole would like to offer all of our current and past military personnel Free Customization on Boards and Bags. Please just reach out to our customer service at and they will be happy to help you out with that. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do and have done for this Great Country.

Your friends here at,

The Original US Cornhole

Pat, Jenn and Steve