The Truth About Bag Speed Rating Charts

"Bag speed rating charts take the cornhole world by storm."

So let's talk about these charts for a minute. Are they accurate? Do they account for the variables in throwers and conditions? These are some pretty important questions that need to be answered before spending hundreds of dollars on bags.

So let's dive right in. I believe these rating charts that are out there just like ours here at US Cornhole are a good place to start when considering bags. But there are several other questions you need to ask yourself before just relying on a chart to make your bag purchase. One of the first things to consider is what type of thrower are you. Do you pitch the bag low and hard or do you have a softer touch with maybe an arc to it. Do you have a lot of spin to your bag or does it rotate much slower than other players? Another thing to consider is what types of boards do I normally play on. Are the boards fast or are they slow and sticky. All of these things just mentioned will affect how you as a player views the rating a bag is given once you have thrown the bag. The best thing a player could possibly do before purchasing a bag would be to try the bag out before hand. Now as many of us know that is just not always possible. So the next best piece of advice I can give a player that is in the market for a new bag, is reach out to a company with an experienced customer service department to help you make that very important and sometimes expensive bag purchase. You can rest easy when asking for help and guidance on your bag purchase from US Cornhole. With over 40 years combined experience in the game. I am pretty sure The Original US Cornhole has more experience than any other cornhole company in the game.

Bag Speed Chart Video: